July Giveaway Winner: Special Announcement

CONGRATULATIONS to our July Giveaway Winner, Kim L.!

Kim has chosen a Lifetime Family Park Foundership as her contest prize!

Kim hails from Macomb, Michigan and learned about Flagpole of Freedom Park through one of our recent stories with Newsmax and Fox News. 

She says “When I saw the Founders demonstrating the size of the pole by standing in a circle roped off, I was amazed and blown away.  The description of what was planned for the park was remarkable. I sent that clip to several people saying that if they had not heard about Flagpole of Freedom, they needed to watch the clip…. I love our country and our flag and I said to my husband, this is going to be one awesome park for people to learn history and it is on my “bucket list” to see!  What an amazing concept by the founders of this park … true American patriots!”  

Thank you to all who entered the contest! Follow us on social media and keep checking the website for more contests, announcements, and ways to get involved. If you’re still interested in becoming a Park Founder, visit our page to view levels, benefits and information on payment plans: https://www.flagpoleoffreedom.com/become-a-park-founder/.