Memorial Entry with a Maine flag and the Flagpole of Freedom behind

The Remembrance Parks

Remembrance Plazas at the Flagpole of Freedom Park

Remembrance Parks & Plazas

The Remembrance Parks represent the heart of Flagpole of Freedom Park.  Built among the majestic balsam firs, the Remembrance Parks surround the Flagpole of Freedom.

There are 55 separate Remembrance Parks, organized by state and territory. Each Park includes a pavilion and seating area for quiet reflection and connection.

Remembrance Walls with the Names of Veterans at the Flagpole of Freedom Park

Remembrance walls

But most notably are the Remembrance Walls honoring every single +/- 24 million deceased U.S. Veterans since the Revolutionary War— regardless of length of service or whether or not they died in service.  The number of names on the Remembrance Walls in the entire Freedom Park are the equivalent of 411 Vietnam Wall Memorials.