The Halls of History

Two flagpoles wave over a grassy field

experiential learning

The Halls of History will humanize key moments in our Nation’s 250 year History of Service. 

Representing the next generation of museum experience, the Halls of History will immerse visitors in the events and stories that have shaped our history.

immersed in history

Historically accurate installations merge state of the art technology with interactive storytelling.

The latest in 4D and 360 degree theaters, virtual and augmented reality, simulators and projections bring history to life with period accuracy and detail.  Stage performances, reenactments and authentic educational rides will educate and amaze audiences now and for generations to come. 

This is the future of experiential learning.

The Halls of History Rendering

Crucial Times in American History

The six individual Halls include the Roots of America, Revolutionary War, The Civil War, WWI and II, Korea and Vietnam, and the War on Terror (Afghan, Iraq, and Kuwait Conflicts).