The flagpole sits above the trees

The Flagpole

Flagpole of Freedom

A rendering of the flagpole as seen from below

The Flagpole

Taller than the Empire State Building, the Flagpole of Freedom will be the tallest flagpole in the World at 1461 feet high. The site is on a hill 315’ high — so after construction, the Flagpole will be 1,776’ above sea-level.

But the Flagpole is not just a pole, it’s a building with two observation decks, museums, convention space, theaters and retail spaces.

The outside of the observation globe at 1461 Feet -- Flagpole of Freedom

The Observation DeckS

At 330’, the Observation Deck offers 360 degree panoramic views of the majestic tip lands.

From the Observation Ball at the top — 1,776 feet above sea level — visitors will be able to see a 100 miles radius including Nova Scotia on a clear day.

Aerial shot of the Flagpole of Freedom

The Flag

The Flag, a national symbol of freedom and pride, will be the largest American Flag flown in the world at over 74,048 square feet — the equivalent area of almost 1-1/2 football fields.

The Flag can be lowered to half-staff during times of national significance. The Flag will automatically coil in when wind speeds are too high, and pay itself out when wind speeds decrease.

This Flag will be the first flag the sun will touch in the Continental US.